my name is Manuel and I am going to Los Angeles for a year to serve as a Austrian Holocaust Memorial Servant at the USC Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education.

You are asking yourself probably, who? what? why? what for? this is all bullsh**!
Hold on, I’m gonna tell you everything.

I am 20 years of age, while writing this. I like long walks on the beach and am tired of the cold winter here in Austria (that’s where I lived my whole live until now ;) ).
So I decided I wanna live in the sunny state of California for a year, to learn how to live on my own.

It all started a few years back, when I first started working in the summer to earn some money. I met this guy who told me about his civil service, which he made in South America and he told me that that was the best experience in his live.
For those who doesn’t know, in Austria you can choose between a military service and a civil service and the third option is to make a service abroad.
So I wound up looking for an opportunity to do something similar. Pretty fast I found the Austrian Service Abroad
And one of the locations they offered was L.A., so I went for it.
The Shoah Foundation was founded by Steven Spielberg. While filming Schindlers List a lot of people wanted to tell their story how they experienced the holocaust.
And by now there are over 52000 recorded testimonies in the archives of that Institute.
And that’s also how I know about it, because on the bonus DVD of Schindlers List there is a documentary about the Shoah Foundation and I can highly recommend the movie for those who haven’t already seen it ;)

So what else?
Photos!!! I love taking pictures and therefore there will be a lot of visual material in this blog.

What else are you going to do?
Apart from working and taking pictures, I will have to learn how to cook, wash my stuff all by myself, pay my own bills,… :P
I’ll have to look for a nice place where I can continue to train martial arts, which was one of my favorite hobbies in Austria.
I’ll also try to learn how to surf or some other fun activity ;)

Won’t you miss everybody?
Yeah, very ;’(
I know no one in L.A. and I mean no one! So that’s gonna be an adventure.
And also no more talking in my cool Austrian accent :P
But fortunately I’ll have a bunch of visitors.

If I have forgotten anything or if you have any questions, just ask, i won’t bite..
.. well maybe except for saturday mornings :P

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